A little Christmas cheer

Off to deliver Christmas Cards to residents in Central Ward
A fun afternoon today, delivering Christmas cards to my neighbours before heading down to ShopMobility to collect my raffle prize, and to catch up with Celia.
A winner of the ShopMobility Raffle
Then it was off to the Commemoration Hall for a hot chocolate and chat, followed by a visit to Niche Comics as I have been after a copy of Mark Egerton’s Haunted History of Huntingdonshire.
Finally, off to Sainsbury’s to get some shopping in for my mother-in-law (other supermarket stores are available 😊).
Time for a hot chocolate at the Commemoration Hall
And yes, I did wear my suit all afternoon, I love it when I see the smiles and hear the comments from people, if it cheers anyone’s day up, then it has been worth it.
A Haunted History of Huntingdonshire at Niche Comics