A misleading campaign?

I saw a post on social media today, a member of the public had campaign material attached to her house without permission. Clearly this is not appropriate and should never happen. Among the responses was a statement from the administrators of the social media group that they are ‘aware that some candidates in the local area are standing as Independent but are actually allied with a party.’

The post also states ‘Please note it is NOT illegal for them to do this (although it is obviously misleading so it is in the public interest to have accurate information in the public domain).’

I cannot speak for other candidates but I have made it clear from the start that I am a Conservative (in my campaign leaflets, this website, and in person to those I have spoken with). My reason for standing as an Independent is driven by my belief that no political party should influence, or direct members to vote in favour of their own policy decisions. If elected, I will listen to those within my Ward. Decisions and voting will be as directed by the majority of our community members.

I fully agree with the social media group’s statement that it is in the public interest to have accurate information. I am standing as an Independent because at Town level, I am Independent and will put you first. At district, county and nationally, I will support the Conservatives; that is my choice as it is for everyone.

I understand the concerns raised on social media, for myself, I would like to think that I have also shown that I am certainly not running a misleading campaign.


Karl Webb
Independent Candidate for Huntingdon Central Ward