A Social-Distanced Halloween

Halloween 2020 was always going to be difficult. With social distancing, people were told not to gather in groups, meet up with other families or households. Organised events were cancelled.

Ready for Halloween

As this was the first Halloween for us as Mayor and Mayoress, we deciced we would still decorate the house and would have some treats to hand.

Halloween bags, sweets and toys were prepared a few days beforehand

For safety, we prepared small bags of sweets that were put together days before the event and kept to one side. We did not advertise what we were doing in order to prevent people making plans to visit, but we would be prepared for those that were walking around to look at decoraions (keeping to the rule of six). Using brand new pick-up sticks, any child that walked past the house (the gate was shut to prevent anyone knocking on our door), they were handed a pre-wrapped bag of sweets and toys at a distance.

Halloween costumes for both the Mayor and Mayoress