This website was originally produced as a medium for promoting the election campaign of Karl Brian Webb, who was standing as an Independent councillor for Huntingdon Town. With a successful campaign, and election to the council, Karl has continued to use this site to promote events around Huntingdon, address local issues within Central Ward, and act as a reference portal with historical facts and figures, planning applications, and general information of his activities whilst representing electors during our term of office.

The FAQs section will be used to keep everyone up-to-date on questions or community issues as he receives them.

Council meetings and community events will be published in the calendar section. There will also be an option, in the near future, to add a poll to gauge your opinions on up and coming council votes and we intend to add a contact form for any questions to be sent to him.

This site is not connected with, or managed by the official Huntingdon Town website, but a complimentary site tailored for residents within Huntingdon Central Ward, but providing information suitable for all those living in, or visiting Huntingdon. All comments and opinions are my own and do not necesarily reflect those of the Town Council unless stated otherwise.

Huntingdon War Memorial & All Saints Church at night. Photograph by Karl Webb, December 2017