Annual Town Meeting (Mayor Making), 9 May 2019

Huntingdon Town Hall, 9 May 2019

On Thursday 9th May 2019, Huntingdon Town Council held their annual council meeting and Mayor Making Ceremony. Councillors, staff and guests attended at the Town Hall.

The new Mayor, Mayoress, Deputy Mayor and Deputy Mayoress for 2019/2020

Councillors proposed and seconded Cllr Steve McAdam as the Mayor of Huntingdon Town for the Local Government Year 2019/2020. After making the Declaration of Office and resuming the meeting, the newly-elected Mayor proposed Cllr Karl Webb as Deputy Mayor. This was also seconded and voted on by councillors and Cllr Karl Webb was Appointed Deputy Mayor of Huntingdon for the local government year 2019/2010.

Other Appointments for the night included that all town councillors would be appointed to the three Standing Committees; the Chairmen for each was proposed, seconded and approved by the town councillors. For the local government year 2019/2020, the following councillors were elected in office:

Finance – Cllr Phil Pearce

Leisure and Community Services – Cllr Tom Sanderson

Planning – Cllr Chris Doyle