Carpet Cleaning at the Town Hall

Cllr Karl Webb, Hilary Meers-Webb, Paul Wilson, Cllr Sarah Gifford

A short while back, Cllr Sarah Gifford and Hils were chatting about the carpet in the Town Hall’s Council Chamber. It had stains and marks all over it, they discussed what needed to be done to get cleaners in to sort it out, but then realised that both had carpet cleaners at home. They decided it would probably be easier for us to clean the carpets ourselves. After checking with the team at the council, we were given permission to come in over the weekend and clean the carpet. I think we have done a great job, amazing to see the dirt that came out. After all our work, Sarah invited us to join her and Paul for dinner at the George, a well-earned meal and good company to boot. Thank you, Sarah, Paul and Hils, a different way to spend Sunday afternoon, but well worth it.