Christmas cards for local residents

No official duties today, but I went out delivering Christmas cards to residents. Obviously, I cannot give a card to every household, so it was just my street and the one next to it. However, I also went into town to visit the last market before Christmas and chatted with residents while out and about. I carried a few cards with me and gave them out to people at random to spread a little Christmas cheer (I think the suit also heled put a few smiles on faces).
Ready to deliver Christmas cards to neighbours
I had won a prize in the ShopMobility Christmas raffle, so stopped off to pick it up and have a quick catch up with Celia. Then to finish the day, I went to the local Care Homes (having worked or supported most during my time as a councillor) to drop off cards to the staff and residents. All in all, a good day supporting the community.
Collecting my prize from Shopmobility