Christmas presents for residents at Medway Court

I was asked if I would support Huntingdonshire Community Group’s Covid-19 Response Team in handing out Christmas presents to the residents of Medway Court. We were able to do this thanks to the generous donation award from Urban & Civic (Alconbury Weald) and Chorus Homes (and an extra present from Elizabeth Masangcay, HCG Committee member).
Handing out Christmas presents to residents
It was a real pleasure chatting with residents, and to see the looks on their faces when they were each given their Christmas present, one resident had only moved in two days ago so was very happy at meeting us.
Presents for the residents
I would like to thank Kimberly Lavery, Patrick Kadewere, Liz Masangcay, Robert and Eunice Dockerell (apologies but tags don’t work on this page), the sponsors of today’s presents, and of course the residents of Medway Court. I wish you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.
Patrick, Liz, Kimberly, and Karl