Donation of iPads to Huntingdon Town Council

On Thursday 18th March, I was invited to the Coneygear Centre to receive a donation of iPads from Claven Holdings Limited.

Cllr Phil Pearce with the Mayor of Huntingdon, Cllr Karl Webb, and the Deputy Mayor, Cllr Padrica Kennington

The iPads will be given to the most deserving and vulnerable children and families in the local community co-ordinated by the Huntingdon Town Council Coneygear Centre manager in conjunction with HCAP

Cllr Phil Pearce, represented Claven Holdings Limited as he has a long business association with them.

Andy Fowler CEO of Claven Holdings said ‘In these difficult times we are pleased to support where we can and will continue to do more in supporting Phil Pearce who has personally supported me over many years and the excellent work he and everyone do at Huntingdon Town Council. Businesses should do more to help and if there is a positive from the covid 19 Pandemic it has made everyone refocus on their priorities and values’.