Why is there a website for Central Ward but none of the other Wards in Huntingdon?

This site was originally created as part of my campaign plan to be elected as a councillor. After I was elected, I decided the site could provide useful information to the residents of Central Ward and beyond. It also provides a record of all my activities as a councillor, which was part of my campaign promise to be accountable to those who elected me.

How do I report a Street Light that is not working?

Street Lights come under the responsibility of the County Council, please follow the link to report a fault: http://www.lightingcambridgeshire.com/


Where do I find out about flood warnings?

The UK Government have a website with a five day flood warning page:

5-Day Flood Risk

How do I report a flood or flooding issues?

Within Cambridgeshire, flooding is reported via the Cambridgeshire County Council’s website.


Click here to report a flood or flooding issues.