Full Town Council Meeting

An interesting meeting of the Full Council tonight. The meeting begins with the Mayor, Town Clerk, Deputy Mayor and Mayor’s Chaplain following the Macebearer into the Council Chamber. After a welcome by the mayor, Cllr Steve McAdam, and an opening prayer from the Reverend Jon Randall, the meeting begins with the approval of minutes and recommendations from various committees and sub committees.

Tonight, a new sub committee was formed in order to look at transportation issues in and around Huntingdon, this committee will be a sub-unit of the Environment Committee.

Other items of business were the Town Clerk’s update on council matters, the Mayor’s announcements of his activities since the last council, and some proposals from the Town Council’s Corporate Officer regarding the mayor’s use of the Town Hall and Community Centre for fundraising activities. I presented the council with some observations of the proposal and recommended that it would be reviewed by the Finance Committee before being returned to the council with their findings and recommendations.

Other discussions took place during the meeting but as these were confidential matters, the Town Clerk, Chaplain, council staff and members of the public were asked to leave the chamber whilst the discussions took place.

A long night with some proposals being accepted, some to be reviewed, and others moved for another night to discuss.