Hinchingbrooke Hospital: Children’s Xmas Presents

I was joined by some of our amazing firefighters today for a visit to the Children’s Unt at Hinchingbrooke Hospital. Sadly, due to covid, we were unable to visit the children in Holly Ward and the SCBU, but they will get presents from us on Christmas Day.
The Children’s Ward at Hinchingbrooke Hospital
Thank you to the team from Holly Ward who came down to collect the presents and chat with us, we didn’t get to meet anyone from the SCBU as they really are busy looking after babies in need of special care.
The Mayor and on Watch Fire Fighters at Hinchingbrooke Hospital
We wish nobody had to spend Christmas Day in hospital (including parents, carers, and staff of course), but a small token from us will hopefully brighten up their Christmas morning.
Merry Christmas everyone.