HTC: Full Council meeting – Mayor Making 2018

On Wednesday 16th May 2018, the Town Mayor (2017/2018), Cllr Jay Dyne, Councillors and guests joined the Town Clerk and staff from Huntingdon Town Council for the first business of the new council — the election of a new Mayor for 2018/2019.

Councillor Sarah Gifford was nominated as Mayor of Huntingdon for the Local Government year 2018-2019, the Mayor’s consort is Mr Paul Wilson. The Mayor selected Cllr Steve McAdam as her Deputy Mayor with Mrs Audrey McAdam as Deputy Mayoress. Photos available on the official HTC website.

Councillor Karl Webb

Councillors Brian Luckham and Karl Webb of Huntingdon Central Ward were in attendance and with the full council, voted for the new Mayor and for the Chairmen of the three main Committees of the council; Finance, Leisure and Community Services, and Planning.

The evening began with Councillors and guests taking their seats until the announcement of the arrival of the Mayor of Huntingdon as he took his place. The first item on the agenda was Prayers from the Mayor’s chaplain, the Reverend Andrew Milton.

Cllr Tom Sanderson then proposed his preference of candidate for Mayor, and gave his reasons for supporting the nomination. Cllr Steve McAdam then Seconded the motion and councillors were unanimous in their vote for the new Mayor.

Councillor Brian Luckham

The rest of the agenda was followed with the nominations and votes for the Chair persons of the three main committees (again, the official announcement will be published on the Huntingdon Town Council website).

Cllr Jay Dyne was presented with his past-Mayors badge and this was followed by his response and thanks to all who had supported him and his Mayoress, Cllr Sonia Dyne, over the past year.

Jay then presented cheques to his chosen charities from the funds raised over his time as Mayor, and also presented bouquets of flowers, and the Mayor’s Community Shield to individuals within the community.

A reception followed the meeting and guests had time to chat with the new Mayor and Deputy, and with Councillors past and present.


Huntingdon Town Hall, War Memorial and Church, 16 May 2018