Karl Webb elected to Huntingdon Central Ward

I found out today that I have been elected to Huntingdon Central Ward uncontested. Two seats were available for the Ward but I was the only person to submit an application by yesterday’s deadline. There are many reasons people do not submit an application for certain Wards, but whatever they were in this case, I am very pleased to have the opportunity to represent the Ward for another four years.

Notice of Uncontested election

Thank you to all of the residents in Huntingdon that have supported me in my first term of office, I believe I had the same support from residents within Central Ward that would have seen me elected at the Polls. This means there will be no Poll for a Town Councillor in Central Ward on May 5th, but it also gives me more time to concentrate on my mayoral duties, which would have continued regardless of the elections until Mayor Making on Thursday 12th May.

A proud moment for me, thank you everyone.

Two other town councillors were returned uncontested. Cllr Chris Doyle for West Ward, and Cllr Karl Brockett for Hinchingbrooke Ward.