Mayor Making 2020

The Mayor of Huntingdon 2020/2021, Cllr Karl Webb

On Tuesday 6th October 2020, Huntingdon Town Council held their annual Town Council Meeting (Mayor Making).

Cllr Steve McAdam, the Mayor of Huntingdon, opened the meeting and welcomed everybody in attendance…virtually. This was the first virtual mayor making for Huntingdon Town. Only six people were in the Town Hall, all remaining councillors, Town Council staff and guests joined the meeting online.

The irst item of business is the election of Mayor for the ensuing municipal year. Cllr Karl Webb was elected Mayor. Once the new Mayor had been robed and re-entered the council chamber, a Declaration of Acceptance of Office was made.

With the new Mayor in office, a Deputy Mayor was to be appointed. The Mayor proposed Cllr Padrica Kennington, this was seconded by Cllr Steve McAdam.

Cllr Tom Sanderson proposed a vote of Thanks to the retiring Mayor, this was seconded by the new Mayor, Cllr Karl Webb. Cllr Steve McAdam then responded and gave a summary of his time in office before naming his charitable results. Cheques had been presented to the recipients on Monday 5th October.

After the Deputy Mayor had made her Declaration of Acceptance of Office, the Mayor proposed that all 19 members were to be elected to the four Standing Committees . This was Seconded by the Deputy Mayor.

Finally, the Mayor gave his closing remarks and nominated his Chaplian, Macebearer, Mayoress, the Mayor’s Cadet, and his charity thoughout his term of office.

An excellent service despite the situation, well done everyone.