Raunds Annual Meeting – Mayor-making (virtual)

Really pleased to attend the annual meeting of Raunds Town Council and mayor-making ceremony. Sadly, due to the current coronavirus pandemic, this was a virtual meeting of the council held onlive via the Zoom application.

Raunds Annual Meeting

Councillor Richard Levell opened the meeting as Town Mayor, after a speech reflecting on his time as mayor, he proposed Cllr Sylvia Hughes as Town Mayor. All councillors approved the proposal and voted to elect Cllr Sylvia Hughes as Chairman of the Council. Cllr Dudley Hughes was confirmed as the Mayor’s Consort.

Councillor Lee Wilkes was proposed and voted in as Deputy Mayor with Cllr Helen Howell as his Deputy Mayoress.

The business of the council continued with the appointment of the Chairman of the main committees and verbal reports were given on the coronavirus situation and other town events.