Results are in

Well the three weeks of walking the streets, knocking on doors and speaking to as many people in our Ward as possible.

The results are in and I am pleased to say, Brian and me were elected as your Councillors for the next four years.

For those who voted for us, we thank you so much, for those who did not, we will do our utmost to serve as your Councillors and act in your best interest for our Ward. We have always said that at Town level, we don’t care about political parties, we want to represent you wherever we can.

We will fulfill our promise to you that we will do our very best to serve our residents in Huntingdon Central, we will use this website (which will get a revamp now the elections have finished) to keep you informed of planning applications as soon as we know about them, any disruptions, road closures, parking issues, or community events in our area.

Thank you all (especially to Hilary Meers-Webb and Christine Luckham, your support has been outstanding).