Willy Wonka themed Easter at Hunters Down

Welcoming residents to Willy Wonka’s factory

I am lucky that I am invited to Hunters Down on a regular basis; for today’s Easter celebrations, I was really impressed with the Willy Wonka themed decorations and seeing the faces of the residents and staff as we took a tour of that famous factory.

The Easter Bunny joined us for the day

Joining in with a special version of the Oompa Loompa song, and being presented with a Wonka Bar (sadly, I did not find a Golden ticket, but five were hidden in today’s chocolates) was great fun, and with two Oompa Loompas looking after me, I was able to keep out of trouble (as a chocoholic, I really had to be careful).

A real Wonka Bar

The staff and residents always have fun with their themed events, today was as special as every one of those I have attended, and I would like to thank everyone for making the day so special for residents and staff alike.

With the Easter Bunny

Thank you to Kristine Flores for capturing the photographs from my visit.