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Brian John Luckham
Candidate for Huntingdon Central Ward

I’ve lived in Huntingdon since 1993 when my career in the RAF brought me to RAF Wyton and my last uniformed assignment. In 1997 I joined the MoD as a Civil Servant and went on to complete a career spanning 14 years. I am now a partner in a local courier company. Between 1999 and 2010 I was a member of Huntingdon Town Council (HTC), including a year as Mayor in 2000/1. I held all of the major roles with the exception of Chairman of the Finance Committee

Elected Mayor of Huntingdon, 2000

I am a Conservative at heart but showed, during my previous 3 terms on HTC, that I always worked for the people of our town, regardless of political allegiance. I would like the opportunity to do so again.










Karl Webb MA MInstLM
Candidate for Huntingdon Town Council

Karl has lived and worked in the Huntingdon area since September 1995. He joined the Royal Navy in 1983 and qualified as a Radar Operator in 1984, a Photographer in 1988, and an Imagery Analyst in 1995 (at RAF Wyton). During his service career, Karl has travelled around the world, prime countries being: Russia, Cuba, Poland, Hong Kong, Germany, France, America, Canada, Falkland Islands, Gulf States, and Egypt. Karl has served on a variety of ships including Aircraft Carriers, Destroyers and Frigates and has been employed on patrols in the Persian Gulf, Falkland Islands, West Indies, and the Barents Sea.

After a 25-year career in the Armed Forces, Karl remained in the Ministry of Defence — but as a Civil Servant. He completed a Master of Arts Degree (MA Security & Intelligence) at the University of Buckingham in 2010, and is a Member of the Institute of Leadership and Management.

PR stall at Tesco, Bar Hill

Outside of work, Karl is an active member of the community; he is currently President, and a Trustee, of the Huntingdon Branch of the Royal Naval Association (RNA). Karl is often seen at Civic Parades, community events and manning a charity stall for the RNA in and around Huntingdon. As a deputy Standard Bearer for Huntingdon RNA, Karl has also paraded the Branch Standard at Armed Forces Day, Commonwealth Day, and other community flag raising events.

Karl enjoys building websites, he maintains a community site for the Royal Naval Association, University of Buckingham security studies website, and a Huntingdon Town ‘Councillor Candidate’ reference portal. Karl includes his photography and computer skills in running these sites as well as contributing photographs to local Facebook Groups such as Huntingdon Living and Godmanchester Living.

Karl is married to Hilary, who has lived and worked in Huntingdon most of her life, and has a son, David, and daughter, Deanna. Karl’s hobbies include photography, camping, fishing, website design, computers and gadgetry.

Remembering those lost at Passchendaele