Your vote matters

The aim of Huntingdon Town Council is to represent the people of Huntingdon at the first step in local government. Everyday issues and local responsibilities are listed in the Council Responsibilities section of this site.

The Town Council can not fix all local problems, for instance, the maintenance of our roads, applications for planning, building and property improvements are the responsibility of the District and County Councils. However, as a Town Council, we can feed your thoughts into the District and County Council.

We believe that local councillors need to be available for you, the community. I (Karl) have attended some council meetings as a member of the public, I was surprised to see that attendance numbers for those meetings I have been at were 8-10 out of 19 councillors. I feel this is not good enough. My promise to you is that I will attend every meeting that I can. I also intend to maintain this website as a forum for what the local councillors have been doing for the community.

If elected, we will aim to represent the interests of all the residents in Huntingdon, not just Central Ward, but being local, you will have someone to contact in the first instance.

If we want things to change, we need to vote for new members to join those councillors who are there for the community, the published attendance lists and minutes of meetings will soon show who does what.

So, on the 3rd of May, Brian and me are asking for your vote, it really does matter, please use both votes (for Parish) to vote for us as Independent councillors for our community.